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The most comfortable pillow in the world.

As an adjustable lumbar support, by removing or replacing one or both of the inner pillows… As an abdomen, chest, face, or foot warmer… As an armrest… As a cushioned storage or transportation device for fragile items, such as bottles, vases, smartphones, or tablets… As a seatbelt pad when one or more of the pillows are placed between a person and their seatbelt… As a socially acceptable teddy-bear-like device for people of all ages… As an arm sunlight blocker when placed around a person's arm while traveling as a passenger in a vehicle… As an attached or hanging muff with a belt or cord placed through a pocket to secure it around a person's waist or neck… As a makeshift arm or shoulder immobilizer with a belt or cord placed through a pocket to secure it around a person's neck… As a prayer, resting, or travel aid by keeping the hands and arms of a person rested and still… As a book pad… As an adjustable cushion between two people by removing or replacing one or more of the inner pillows to adjust its height or thickness… As a conventional cushion or pillow... As a cushion placed beneath a person's extremity to cushion or raise it… As a supplement to other cushions or pillows… As a fan to cool off, when moved back and forth… As a light blocker when placed by a person over their eyes… As a rain or sunlight blocker… As a multipurpose comfort device for camping… As an emergency pillow when stored in a car… As part of a comfort or travel kit with optional matching blanket, sleep mask, ear plugs, and drawstring backpack.


As well as a number of other uses not included here, that may be discovered by you or others, and/or revealed in the future…


Three Pillows in One

Two Cooler, and Two Warmer Hand Pockets


Consists of three separate, removable, and independently useful pillows. When placed “one inside the other”, the three separate pillows become transformed into a single, integrated, multi-temperature cushioning device, with four pockets. Each smaller sub-pillow is precisely sized and shaped to fit and lock releasably within the next larger sized pillow, creating a total of four snug and super cozy pockets into which you can easily insert your hands and arms. Once assembled in this way, they will not easily fall out. Two of the pockets - like a smooth cool bed sheet - insulate less, and feel cooler to the touch, while the other two pockets - like a soft warm blanket - insulate more, and feel warmer to the touch. This grants you a choice of placing all or part of one or both of your hands or arms, into either a cooler or a warmer feeling pocket; to keep them as cool as possible, or to maintain or increase their warmth. In addition, you will be able to choose or switch between one and the other; depending upon the ambient temperature, and your comfort needs.


Three Pillows in One

Two Cooler, and Two Warmer Hand Pockets


Consists of three separate and removable pillows; designed with each smaller pillow sized and shaped to fit snuggly within the pocket of the next larger sized pillow. With the medium pillow folded, it can easily be inserted through an opening of the larger pillow, to be placed within its pocket. Once inside and fully extended, it will fit and lock securely into place, and will not fall out. This patent pending feature securely retains the medium pillow within the pocket of the large pillow, while still allowing it to easily be removed. The same applies to the small pillow, in relation to the medium pillow. To remove the medium and small pillows, they simply need to be folded, and gently pulled out of the large and medium pillows respectively. A fully assembled 3-IN-1 PILLOMITT should be disassembled as follows: first fold and pull gently on the small pillow to remove it from the pocket of the medium pillow; then fold and pull gently on the medium pillow to remove it from the pocket of the large pillow. To reassemble it: first fold the medium pillow and insert it into the pocket of the large pillow; then extend it, and work it into place... Next fold the small pillow and insert it into the pocket of the medium pillow; then extend it, and work it into place as well. That's it, it's really easy to do… Please keep in mind that a PILLOMITT is an interactive pillow, and that you may need to adjust it after each use, just as you do when you adjust the covers of a bed, or the cushions of a sofa.

*The PILLOMITT is designed to effectively help a user warm their hands under normal temperature conditions; whether indoors, outdoors, or while traveling. Although, under more extreme temperature conditions, or by those who are afflicted by very cold or painful hands; optional matching pouches are available for the PILLOMITT, to contain HotHands® Hand Warmers, for a continuous and delightful boost of soothing heat. To use them; simply follow their instructions to open their package, insert them into the custom pouches, and then together, into the pockets of the PILLOMITT, and after about 15 minutes - as if by magic - wonderful warmth to help soothe your cold or painful hands! Please follow the instructions on the back of each package of the HotHands® Hand Warmers; then relax and enjoy the heavenly heat... in the palms of your hands!

Superb Sensation


One may ask why we like to caress a kitten or a puppy; or touch a soft furry surface?... Because it's soft and feels so good... because it calms us, relaxes us, and help us feel secure!


This is the same superb sensation that you'll get when you insert your hands within the PILLOMITT, and slide them into its snug pockets, where they'll be instantly caressed from all sides.


And when you insert your hands, along with your arms, even deeper - up to your elbows - your arms too will be caressed by its soothing snugness.


With your hands and arms kept still within the pockets, a sense of relaxation may flow over your entire body!... And many report that "as if by magic" they instantly feel peaceful and secure… a surprising, yet key hidden benefit that comes with each and every PILLOMITT!


Divine Dimensions


During my creation of the PILLOMITT, I decided that it would measure approximately 16 inches by 10 inches... At the time, I didn't know why; but somehow, those proportions, just felt right.


Months later I learned that in choosing these proportions for the PILLOMITT, I had stumbled upon something mathematical, but with almost "magical" results. It had to do with what is called the Golden Ratio. I learned that the Golden Ratio, is also known as the Golden Means, and the Golden Proportions... as well as, much to my surprise, the Divine Proportions, and Sacred Proportions. These means, proportions, or ratios are believed by some to have been used by the Greeks, to design the Parthenon... by the Egyptians, to design the Great Pyramid of Giza... and by Leonardo Da Vinci, to design the Annunciation, the Last Supper, and the Mona Lisa.


The Golden Ratio when applied to rectangles creates one with the longer side, approximately 1.618 times the size of the shorter side… in other words, when translated into inches, a rectangle measuring 16.18 inches x 10 inches.


The Golden Ratio appears throughout creation; including in animals, humans, and plants... along with our own creations, such as in architecture, art, and design. given that those who have applied them, likely have done so, to capture the beauty and harmony in nature, as well as for aesthetic and visual appeal.


In other words; the Golden Ratio, when applied to architecture, art, and design; helps to creates images, objects, and shapes, which are pleasant to our eyes and minds.


I was amazed when I discovered this, as the PILLOMITT just happens to be approximately that size. I was surprised to learn that by coincidence; or perhaps, by divine inspiration, I happened upon these precise dimensions.


I'm not sure if it's true, but I've read a number of things about pyramids, such as that when placed within one; razor blades tend not to lose their sharp edges, along with a number of other things that are similar... So I'm not sure if it's true, or if I'm just imagining it, but when I insert my hands within a PILLOMITT, there's something special about it… something extraordinarily comforting... and I can't say either way… but maybe, just maybe… it has something to do with PHI= Φ = 1.618, the ratio that I now call the Divine Dimensions… which by coincidence, are the exact size as the PILLOMITT!


Teddy Bear Traits


We never really outgrow the desire to have and hug a teddy bear; but as adults, and especially for grown men, it’s not considered “cool” or socially acceptable to do so.


Now, the PILLOMITT™ secretly returns us to our childhood days, with a “socially acceptable" teddy-bear-like-pillow for our very own; that’s soft and cozy, and makes us feel secure... yet  looks “cool” too!...


A Teddy Bear for Adult Kids Too!

Try One, it's Oh So Fun!... You Know You Want To!™

Paul Moses is the inventor of the PILLOMITT™; along with other comfort-therapy products, which will be available here in the future.


An entrepreneur since 1984; he helped run the family business; a Major Appliance Sales and Service Company located in Los Angeles, California, where he was involved in all aspects of the business, including accounting, marketing, management, sales, and service.


In the service department, he became an appliance technician, and acquired skills allowing him to become proficient in various technical areas, including electricity, plumbing, and mechanics.


In the marketing department, he worked closely with newspapers creating display ads, which sparked his interest in graphic design... Soon thereafter, he purchased one of the earliest model computers and learned computer aided design.


He enjoyed graphic design so much, that he started a graphic design company, where he worked for a number of businesses, designing banners, displays, logos, and menus. This led him to becoming a photographer, as well as a graphic artist; as he found a need to digitally alter and/or enhance the photographs that he took.


In 1997, following the lead of his older brother Ron, he entered the field of Real Estate, where he used the skills that he had acquired in the areas of sales and marketing, to enjoy much success working with home buyers and home sellers.


Until one cold December morning... when he got the idea for a new type of pillow, and everything changed... leading him precisely to this moment…


To learn more about what happened that day, please read the story “One Cold December Morning” located below...

he idea for the PILLOMITT came to me one cold December morning. In order to save on heating costs; I wore gloves to bed the prior evening to help keep my hands warm. When I awoke the next morning, I discovered that my gloved hands were beneath my face. I asked myself why, and after much thought, I concluded that although my pillow did help to cushion and support my head and face; I somehow needed to use my hands to finely tune their position, in order to achieve a greater level of comfort. Suddenly, I got an idea that started me on this great adventure!… Wouldn't it be nice if there were soft, cushiony, well insulated pillow-like gloves or mitts to warm and comfort my hands, while at the same time, allow me to cushion and position my head and face? After searching the internet and visiting a number of stores, I was unable to find any. So I decided to find a way to make some myself. Within a few weeks, I purchased a new Singer sewing machine, and with the help of my Mom, and a dear friend, I learned the basics of sewing…


I then visited a number of local sewing supply stores to learn as much as I could; I examined the fabrics, studied the supplies, and asked lots of questions. Soon thereafter, I purchased some fabric, some thread, and some tools from a well known fabric and craft store, and then went home, eager to get started.


And so the quest began... and after many challenging weeks of trial and error, I created my first working prototype; which to my great surprise exceeded my expectations; as it turned out to be way more comfortable than I ever imagined it would be, and like nothing else I had ever experienced. During its creation, I realized that this pillow-like-mitt could be used - not only as a sleep aid – but for a number of other uses, such as while lounging, napping, or traveling, along with more, as can be seen above. Many new ideas came to me while I was creating it, such as… “Wouldn't it be cool if in addition to having a well insulated “warmer feeling” pocket, what if it also had a less insulated “cooler feeling” pocket; in case I wanted to keep my hand as cool as possible, say for example, while using it as a travel pillow…. And what if instead of having one of each, it had two of each, one for each hand… I also incorporated two openings, opposite each other, for easy access by both hands from either end, as well as dual fabrics on the outside, so that I could choose a “cooler feeling”, or a “warming feeling” fabric to rest my head, face, or body against.


I studied the market, and realized that people really enjoy “comfort” products, such as the Slanket™, and the Snuggie™ - The Blankets with Sleeves!... I concluded that if I enjoyed my pillow-mitt… perhaps others would as well... After all; if so many people like a “Blanket with Sleeves!”… wouldn't they also like a “Pillow with Pockets!”?...


Encouraged by the potential universal appeal of my invention, I embarked on the complex and years long patent process to protect my intellectual property. Many hours working on my patent application filled my days. I maxed out my credit cards and was only able to continue due to the generous help, loans, and encouragement of my family and friends, who firmly believe in my product, and in me. In spite of continuing financial difficulties, I somehow persisted for several more years of intense work; which included further perfecting my initial prototype - along with a number of other embodiments, which I plan to introduce in the near future. I immersed myself in the world of copyrights, patents, and trademarks by researching and working closely with my attorneys; as I found it necessary to become well versed in those fields, in order to collaborate effectively with them, to protect my intellectual property… Once this initial phase of production and distribution has passed, I plan to write a book about this entire adventure - with the goal of helping other aspiring inventors, who might learn from my experiences…


   Well, after many years, and lots of hard work, a Patent has been issued by the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Organization); below please find a copy of its Issue Notification.

On January 13, 2015, U.S. Patent No. 8,931,127 was issued by the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Organization) for a Utility Patent; with broad claims covering the PILLOMITT, as well as a number of alternate embodiments.



In addition, on December 8, 2014, Continuation Application No. 14/565,283 was filed with the USPTO, as a Continuation of Non-Provisional Patent Application No. 12/796,667, dated 06/08/2010 (U.S. Patent No. 8,931,127), which claims the benefit of Provisional Patent Application No. 61/185,178, dated 6/08/2009. 




One PILLOMITT (approx. 16 x 10 x 4 inches or 40 x 25 x 10 centimeters), composed of  three pillows in one, with two cooler, and two warmer hand pockets; in your choice of burgundy, beige, blue, or black.




Consists of one PILLOMITT (as described above), in your choice of burgundy, beige, blue, or black..... one micro-plush blanket (measuring approximately 50 x 60 inches or 127 x 152 centimeters) in a complementary color... and one sleep mask, one corded ear plug set, and one water resistant drawstring back-pack, to protect and transport the kit; in black, gray, and black, respectively. 


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