Paul Moses is the founder of COZY CARE™, and the inventor of the PILLOMITT™; along with other items, which will be shared here in the future.


   An entrepreneur since 1984; he helped run the family business, a Major Appliance Sales and Service Company located in Los Angeles, California, where he was involved in all aspects of the business, including accounting, marketing, management, sales, and service.


In the service department, he became an appliance technician, and acquired skills allowing him to become proficient in various technical areas, including electricity, plumbing, and mechanics.


   In the marketing department, he worked closely with newspapers creating display ads, which sparked his interest in graphic design... Soon thereafter, he purchased one of the earliest model computers and learned computer aided design.


   He enjoyed graphic design so much, that he started a graphic design company, where he worked for a number of businesses, designing banners, displays, logos, and menus. This led him to becoming a photographer and graphic artist… as he found a need to digitally alter and/or enhance the photographs that he took.


   In 1997, following the lead of his older brother Ron, he entered the field of Real Estate, where he used the skills that he had acquired in the areas of sales and marketing, to enjoy much success working with home buyers and home sellers.


   Until one cold December morning... when he got the idea for a new type of pillow, and everything changed... leading him precisely to this moment…


   To learn more about what happened that day, please read the story… “One Cold December Morning”...